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The Zeiss-Großplanetarium in the Prenzlauer Allee

Europe's most modern science theatre, theZeiss Major Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg, fascinateswith a highly interesting and international program and invites you to expeditions through the endless vastness of the universe.

The core piece of this presentation of the cosmos is the most powerful Planetarium device of Zeiss - the Universarium IX. Previous projections of the starry skyfade away compared to the possibilities of this projector wonder: The projectors of the Universarium IX throw pictures of stars on the inside of the dome with a diameter of 23 meters, which appear absolutely clear and needle-sharp.Most probably, you can see something comparable with such natural brilliance only on a clear starry night on the high mountains or in the desert.
The Planetarium is not short on superlatives, because the innovation is supplemented with ten digital Zeiss velvet video projectorsthat create the 360-degree full dome projection and conjure a video picture on the whole dome. Visitors can explore the surface of alien planets, receive a glimpse into the birth and death of stars through computeranimations or witness the collision of whole galaxies.Another highlight: The Planetarium guests can leave the solar system and travel in three-dimensions through the universe.
In“Erlebnisraum Kuppel”(Dome adventure area) a connection is drawn up from natural sciences to humanitiesresearch and philosophical themes.The Planetarium is devoted not only to astronomical programs but also to scientific fields such as biology, chemistry or medicine.
Of course, the visitor is well catered for comfort. At your disposal is a Planetarium hall with 307 comfortable seats and acinema auditorium with 160 places.

The Planetarium opens 30 minutes prior to the start.

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