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Der Leisepark - Oase der Ruhe
© tic / Friedel Kantaut

Der Leisepark - Oase der Ruhe

Oasis of tranquility

On the grounds of the cemetery of St. Mary's-St. Nicola,has been created a special green area. The Leisepark on the former cemetery in the Heinrich-Roller-Straße isa playing ground and at the same time an oasis of tranquility.

The concept for the park was created in the fall of 2010. With the intensive participation from the local residentsand interested parties,a park was built that for one, kept the slightly overgrown character of the cemetery and at the same time offers a playing ground with near-naturalplaying installations.A selection of the tombstones was preserved and reflects the change in burial culture during the course of time. A signpleads forthe respectful treatment of these testimonies of time, stating:“Tombs are not suitable for playing and climbing”.Also, for this reason, the pupils of the HeinrichRoller Elementary Schoolcoined the name Leisepark. This name expresses the desire of the local residents to preserve this peaceful and green retreat in the middle of the densely populated subdistrict of Prenzlauer Berg.With its old trees, dense hedges, and winding paths,the Leisepark shows itself to be enchanting and mysterious, it is truly a magical place in Prenzlauer Berg.