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© tic / Friedel Kantaut

brewery quarter Prenzlauer Berg

In the second half of the 19th century, there were more than a dozen breweries in Prenzlauer Berg. The slopes of the district were favorable for building cellars and thus breweries. The Bavarian brewer Joseph Pfeffer initiated industrial beer production in Schönhauser Allee in 1841.

The area now known as Pfefferberg was named after him. Production, consumption and entertainment were connected with one another. Nowadays, this venue is a cultural location combining services and opportunities for learning. Recently, the location’s amenities have also been complemented by the craft beer “Pfefferbräu“.

Julius Bötzow’s brewery in Prenzlauer Allee opened in 1884. With its beer garden able to host 5,000 guests and ballrooms that offered grand entertainment, the Bötzow-Brauerei became the largest private brewery in northern Germany. Currently, there is extensive restoration work being performed on the 27,000 square meter area.

One of the oldest breweries in the district is the Königstadt Brauerei, which was built starting in 1850. After the fall of the Wall, artists and media companies settled here and in 1995 founded a coop that has conscientiously restored and managed the industrial park.

The former Schultheiss brewery, where lager was brewed from 1842 to 1967, is located at the Eberswalder Strasse underground station. After mergers with others, the Schultheiss brewery became the largest lager brewery with a worldwide distribution network around 1920. Today it is appreciated as a cultural brewery. Every day, a wide range of events attracts a wide variety of visitors to the site.  It is also the location of the Pankow Tourist Information.

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