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Immanuelkirche vom Museum Pankow aus fotografiert
Immanuelkirche © tic / Detlef Fleischer

Who was Immanuel Kirch?

Exhibition from 21.02. to 09.08.2020

The Immanuel Church is already from a distance clearly recognizable by the very pointed octagonal tower hood. The neo-Romanesque red clinker building is closely linked to the urban environment and its development. The reason for building the Immanuel Church at the end of the 19th century was the rapid growth of the city. The older St. Bartholomew's Church could no longer accommodate the inhabitants of the new residential quarters between Greifswalder Straße and Kollwitzstraße. For 125 years now, the Immanuelkirche has been closely connected with cultural life in the Wins- and Kollwitzkiez. The Museum Pankow is taking the anniversary of its neighbour in Prenzlauer Allee as an opportunity to tell about this history in an exhibition.

Flyer zur Ausstellung mit Mosaik eines Wngels
Flyer zur Ausstellung "Wer war lmmanuel Kirch?" © Museum Pankow

Exhibition from 21.02. to 09.08.2020 | Museum Pankow - Culture and Education Centre Sebastian Haffner, Main Building, Room 108

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, 20.02.2020, 19.00
Exhibition duration: 21.02. to 09.08.2020

Location: Museum Pankow, Prenzlauer Allee 227/228, 10405 Berlin, Main Building, Room 108

Opening hours exhibition:
Tuesday to Sunday
10.00 - 18.00 hours
(closed for holidays)

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