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Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg
Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg © Tic

Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

The public park Prenzlauer Berg is located in the eastern part of Pankow, an area that is not typical for the district. The park covers an area of around 29 hectares and was once a dump from the Second World War.
In 1967 trees of European origin were planted, in 1969 paths were laid out and in the same year the area was declared a Prenzlauer Berg National Park.
Today the Volkspark offers the inhabitants of the area a large, quiet place to relax in the midst of nature, for jogging or walking.
A Prenzlauer Berger Riesling association cultivates Riesling in the park. On guided wine tours you can learn interesting facts about the history of wine growing in Berlin.