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Museum Pankow  im Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Sebastian Haffner
© Valentina Vitali

Museum Pankow im Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Sebastian Haffner

The permanent exhibition- “Gegenentwürfe. Der Prenzlauer Berg vor, während und nach dem Mauerfall” (The alternative concept. The Prenzlauer Berg before, during, and after the fall of the wall)- brings to life the alternative livingconceptscompared to the ruling real socialism in Prenzlauer Berg, but also the politicalrealityafter the peaceful revolution in 1989 and the German reunification. On the basis of the seven places in the city district,many of the Prenzlauer Berg controversial conflicts were examined on topics like codetermination, urban redevelopment, education, environment protection, economic system,and social responsibility since the end of the 1970s until thepresent.
In the hallway and staircase,you can find further small permanent exhibitions: “Prenzlauer 227 - Von der Gemeindedoppelschule im Jahre 1886 bis zum Bildungszentrum” (Prenzlauer 227 - from the double School of the municipality in 1886 to the Education Center), “Die jüdische Schule in der Rykestraße”(The Jewish school in the Rykestraße) and “Zeitbilder - Leben in Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg und Weißensee 1949 bis 1990” (time images - life in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Weißenseefrom 1949 until 1990).
In addition, you will find changing special exhibitions in the great exhibition hall.
The entrance is free of charge.

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