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Bürgerpark Pankow
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Bürgerpark Pankow

The landscape architect Wilhelm Perring (1854-1864) was commissioned by Baron Killisch von Horn to build this park in an English style. It has been one of the favourite recreation places for the Pankow inhabitants during 110 years.

In a piece of land near Pankow, in Panke, there had been a mill since the 16th century. In 1856 Dr. Hermann Killisch von Horn (1821-1886), the founder of the newspaper “Berliner Börsenzeitung” (1855), bought this land. The mill house was reconverted to a family house. Between 1863 and 1864 Killisch von Horn bought other surrounding estates. The Spandauer Straße street (renamed Wilhelm-Kuhr-Straße in 1915), which crossed this land, was moved to the south boundary of the estate.
The landscape architect Wilhelm Perring (1838-1907), who later became technical director of Berlin botanic gardens, built between 1868 and 1871 a park having rare plants and trees and artificial hills, among which there is currently a vivarium. There was a manor house, an orangery, pavilions, greenhouses, a lookout tower, ponds, a pheasant run, an Indian padoga, a subterranean grotto with an access to Panke and a great amount of statues. One of the landmarks in Pankow is the main gateway, in an Italian style, which is next to the old cemetery. Its wrought-iron door grilles are still from the time of its construction.
On the first cemetery in Pankow, built in 1841 at the Wilhelm-Kuhr-Straße, are buried, among other famous citizens of Pankow, Wilhelm Perring and Hermann Killisch von Horn, whose mausoleum was built in 1904 by the master bricklayer Christian Friedrich Malingriaux. In Februar 1907 the community of Pankow, whose mayor was Wilhem Kuhr (1865-1914), bought the private park. The same year a restaurant was opened in the old gardener house. On the 25 August 1907 the Bürgerpark was officially opened. During the next years the restaurant was extended, a bandstand was built, as well as a playground, a tennis court and toilets. During the First World War the restaurant was used as a military hospital. In 1923 the park was extended to the north of Panke. In 1945 both the park and some buildings were hit several times. In 1955 a unique library was opened in the park. The manor house was demolished in 1961, the gardener house in 1965 and the park was redesigned between 1965 and 1967 by the landscape architect Erwin Stein.