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Skulptur "Drei sitzenden Kinder" /Hans Kies/Schlosspark Schonhausen
Drei sitzenden Kinder/Hans Kies/Schlosspark Schonhausen © tic / Andreas Schmidt

Art walk in Alt-Pankow

Through historic parks and streets

Whether in the historical parks (Schlosspark and Bürgerpark) or in the front gardens of many residential complexes - sculptures can be discovered in the public space of Alt-Pankow. In winter, when they rest snow-covered on the side of the road, the works of art unfold their very own magic. For a warm-up while continuing to enjoy art, it is worth visiting the Galerie Forum Amalienpark (Breite Str. 2A, 13187 Berlin) or the Galerie Pankow (Breite Str. 8, 13187 Berlin). Hot drinks to complete the visit are available at Café Milchmanns (Berliner Str. 119, 13187 Berlin) or in Café Paula in der Florastraße (Florastraße 14, 13187 Berlin).