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Barrierefrei Nachtleben in Pankow
Barrierefrei Nachtleben in Pankow erleben © Andi Weiland

Exploring the district Pankow in your own way!

Welcome to the „Kiez“ of Pankow and Niederschönhausen.
Making your trip an accessible experience!

From Bürgerpark to Schönhausen House (Castle). Stroll around, eat ice cream and enjoy one of the restaurant around the Florakiez. Nightlife, flea markets and spending a good time with children. Pankow is surprisingly accessible. And surprisingly boundless when it comes to your leisure activities without obstacles. Here are some highlights at a glance.

barrierearme Einrichtungen Karte
Übersichtskarte Pankow und Niederschönhausen © Anne Tegler
Übersichtskarte mit barrierearmen Angeboten in Pankow und Niederschönhausen.


1. Hotel Solitaire - Comfortable and traditional 3-star hotel with 52 rooms and conference rooms.
Hermann-Hesse-Str. 64, 13156 Berlin, Tel. 030 / 91 60 10,



Barrierefrei in Pankow
Barrierefrei unterwegs im Kiez © Andi Weiland

2. Restaurant Auszeit - Burgers, breakfast and Italian dishes in a trendy, minimalist restaurant with a terrace.
Address: Hermann-Hesse-Str. 15, 13156 Berlin,

3. Café Sommerlust - Small and beautiful wagon café in the midst of the Schlosspark Niederschönhausen, with an outlook on the castle Schönhausen.
Address: Tschaikowskistr. 1, 13156 Berlin, Tel. 004917683290144, www.sommerlust.berlin4. 

4. Restaurant Pankoff - A pleasant and scenic restaurant in the Pankow neighbourhood. The quality food comes freshly prepared and they offer a good choice of wine and beer. 
Address: Breite Str. 22, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 004930475377 69,

5. Restaurant Rossini - Nize cozy restaurant with plenty of selection from antipasti, pasta and pizza.
Address: Florastr. 96A, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 00493049500093,

6. Restaurant LA PAZ - Burritos, enchiladas and classic tequila cocktails in a colorful restaurant with a terrace.
Address: Florastr. 14, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 00493049913625,

7. Alphi’s Eis - Delicious ice cream from own production.
Address: Heynstr. 33, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 004917666796877

8. Restaurant Firenze - Mediterranean specialties from South Tyrol to Sicily. Everything is freshly prepared.
Address: Florastr. 27, 13189 Berlin, Tel. 00493048476396,

9. Milchmanns Kaffeehaus - Large breakfast menu, salads, pastries and delicious cakes in a bright, elegant café.
Address: Berliner Str. 119, 13187 Pankow, Tel. 00493091423282,



Schloss Schönhausen
© tic / Nana Loeber

10. Brosehaus – Freundeskreis der Chronik Pankow. Changing exhibitions on places and personalities of Pankow history.
Address: Dietzgenstr. 42, 13156 Berlin, Tel. 00493047471649,

11. Schloss Schönhausen (Schoenhausen House) - At no other Prussian residence are the traces of time from German history so visible and in such close proximity to one another.
Address: Tschaikowskistr. 1, 13156 Berlin,
Information on accessibility:

12. Kinderbauernhof Pinke-Panke - Rural fl air, animals and lots of opportunities to play. Free of charge
Address:  Am Bürgerpark 15–18, 13156 Berlin, 
IMPORTANT: The paths are mostly made of gravel/ sand/loam.

13. Bürgerpark and Cafe Rosengarten Pankow - The Bürgerpark is the largest park in the district and with its magnificent entrance gate has been an important landmark of Pankow since 1856.
Address: Wilhelm-Kuhr-Straße 9, 13187 Berlin, und

14. Alte Pfarrkirche „Zu den Vier Evangelisten“ - Church from the 13th century, named after the four evangelists of the New Testament. It is the oldest remaining building in Pankow.
Address: Breite Straße 38, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 00493047534253,



15. Kino Blauer Stern - Cinema „Blauer Stern“ For more than 100 years, Pankow’s movie theater stands especially for arthouse and an excellent range of children’s films.
Address: Hermann-Hesse-Str. 11, 13156 Berlin, Tel. 004930322931322,
Informationen on Accessibility:

16. Sommerbad Pankow - Public Summer Pool Pankow - Modern pool for the whole family with 50m swimming pool, children’s wading pool and a separate diving pool.
Address: Wolfshagener Str. 91–93, 13187 Berlin,

17. Stadtteilzentrum Pankow - Community Center Pankow - Melting pot and meeting place for people in Pankow. They offer courses, education, consulting, tours, and cultural offers.
Address: Schoenholzer Str. 10, 13187 Berlin,
Informationen on Accessibility:

18. Galerie Amalienpark | Raum für Kunst -  The gallery represents contemporary modern art. Exhibitions are shown with the classic means of fine art: painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture.
Address: Breite Straße 23, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 0049 30 33 02 80 95,

19. Kleinkunstbühne Zimmer 16 - "Room 16“ is a small venue for theater, comedy theater, live music and film.
Address: Florastr. 16, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 0049 30 48 09 68 00,
IMPORTANT: no accessible toilet

20. Theater Varia Vineta - They show traditional fairy tales based on the Brothers Grimm, H. C. Andersen and many others.
Address: Berliner Str. 53, 13189 Berlin, Tel. 0049 30 43 72 32 44,



Rathaus-Center Pankow - Shopping center with over 80 specialty stores and more than 800 parking spaces.
Address: Breite Str. 20, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 0049 30 499 05 50,

Steppke – Wunderbares Spielzeug - Fantastic, fun and fabulous toys and gifts for young and old.
Address: Ossietzkystr. 9, 13187 Berlin,