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Freisitz vor Bar Cafe Aedes am Pfefferberg
Aedes Architekturforum am Pfefferberg © tic / Friedel Kantaut

Video tour through exhibitions

The Aedes Architecture Forum regularly organises exhibitions on contemporary building culture. Accompanied by symposia, lecture series and publications, they offer the space for a critical dialogue with both the specialist public and interested laymen. This is not possible at present.

Therefore, the Aedes Architecture Forum invites you to take a video tour of the exhibitions on the Aedes website

The current exhibitions

Russian Biennale for Young Architects
Redevelopment of Industrial Sites in Tatarstan
14. März - 29. April 2020

The Second Russian Architecture Biennale for Young Architects was held from 24-26 October, 2019 on the theme of the revitalisation of industrial sites. The 30 competitors were selected from more than 730 young Russian applicants. They developed proposals for a systematic redevelopment of two sites in Tatarstan’s capital, Kazan. Exhibition / Video-tour

Our Urban Living Room
Cobe, Kopenhagen
18. Januar - 29. April 2020

The Danish firm Cobe is currently one of the most renowned protagonists of a new generation of architects. Using innovative methods, the team led by Dan Stubbergaard explores diverse potentials of the urban and promotes them through remarkable projects. Exhibition / Video-tour

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