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limnaios tell me a better story, Paar beim modernen Tanz
limnaios tell me a better story © cyan

tell me a better story 1+2

cie. toula limnaios

Premiere in the HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN. 2 + 3 + 7 - 10 + 14 - 17 + 21 - 24 October 2020

cie. toula limnaios has used the existence-threatening situation of the lockdown by Corona for new paths. Intimate encounters with the dancers and individual spaces for each individual personality were created. "tell me a better story" is a series of solo/duo pieces developed for the ensemble during the period of isolation and pandemic. The charisma of each dancer and his personality have always been characteristic for the work of the ensemble. Their individual strength will be shown in six solos and one duet. They reflect the personalities of the ensemble, whose character and aura are always present on stage and shape the work of the cie. toula limnaios.

Part 1
karolina wyrwal: replica
hironori sugata: kyofu
laura beschi + alessio scandale: parlez-moi d'amour

Part 2
alba de miguel: ladylike
daniel afonso: my favorite body
francesca bedin: working title
leonardo d'aquino: I am two

Both parts are always shown alternately.

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