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flyer Sonderausstellung "Was ist ein Kerzenmeer?"
Sonderausstellung "Was ist ein Kerzenmeer?" im MACHmit! Museum © MACHmit! Museum

Special exhibition "What is a Sea of Candles?"

at the MACHmit! museum for children

The MACHmit! museum shows from 29.10.2019-09.02.2020 the exhibition "What is a sea of candles? (for children from 7 years). - A special exhibition on 30 years of Peaceful Revolution.

Today, many schoolchildren demonstrate for rapid climate protection measures and take to the streets. The Fridays for Future movement is one of the best known examples of this. 30 years ago, many people in the former GDR took to the streets and demonstrated. Many of these courageous people lived near the MACHmit! museum in Prenzlauer Berg. These protests were the beginning of the Peaceful Revolution in 1989, whose 30th anniversary we celebrate in 2019. Can the demonstrations of today be compared with those of the past? Why was there a protest? Who was there? What was the result?

For the special exhibition, contemporary witnesses were interviewed by their children or grandchildren. The visitors' children are to be encouraged to get into conversation with their families and neighbours: Was it dangerous? What is a wall woodpecker? What do candles have to do with it?
The Robert Havemann Society is participating in the exhibition with pictures and photos from the archives of the GDR opposition.

Duration: 29 October 2019 to 09 February 2020

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday & holidays 10:00-18:00 hrs
Mondays and Christmas always closed

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