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Mitglieder in Kostümen des REINHARD LAKOMY-Ensemble
Der Traumzauberbaum und Mimmelitt © Foto Uwe Hauth, Illustration ungestalt GbR

The dream magic tree and Mimmelitt

Saturday the 15th. June 2019 the REINHARD LAKOMY-Ensemble with "Der Traumzauberbaum und Mimmelitt" (The dream magic tree and Mimmelitt) is guest in the open air stage Weißensee.

Traumzauberbaum und Mimmelitt" is an enchanting mixture of rock ballad and children's song. It tells a poetic and comic story that not everything that is old belongs in the trash. The town rabbit Mimmelitt, Moosmutzel the forest ghost girl and the big, fat cat Leopold are on the trail of a squeaking secret. An iron spirit, which spreads terrible shivering tones, walks around. But after the first fright it turns out that the Iron Spirit is Knight Adelbert, a very old, rusty and sad weathercock. Knight Adelbert wishes himself so much a little lubricating oil, paint and a roof. To help the knight is a matter of honour for Mimmelitt and his friends. And so begins an adventurous relief action. Will Mimmelitt and the friends of the Dream Magic Tree join forces to make Adelbert's dream come true?

Opening hours

Samstag, 15. Juni 2019 15:00 – 16:20
Öffnungszeiten (Zusatzinfos)

(Duration: 80min. without break)

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