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Grenzoffizier der DDR öffnet eine kleine Tür in der Berliner Mauer
Berlin Ost Mai 1990 © Bernd-Horst Sefzik

Deutschland wird eins (Germany becomes one)

The dismantling of the inner-German border

On the night of November 9 to 10, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.  The demolition of the border fortifications began in December 1989. The demolition began arbitrarily and uncoordinatedly. In Berlin, the work was already completed in November 1990. The dismantling of the almost 1,400 km long inner-German border, on the other hand, lasted until the mid-1990s.

In autumn 1989 the six photographers Bernd-Horst Sefzik, Gerhard Zwickert, Eberhard Klöppel, Peter Leske, Werner Schulze and Heinz Dargelis decided to document the condition of the border. From the Baltic Sea via Berlin to the border triangle in Bavaria, impressive photographs are taken. Until May 1990, they captured images of the border complex from their respective perspectives that did not previously exist from the eastern side.

Plakat zur Fotoausstellung "Deutschland wird eins"
Deutschland wird eins © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte


The new series in the museum in the KulturBrauerei.
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An exhibition tour of a special kind: once a month, at 6 p.m., visitors can stroll through the current photo exhibition over a beer or a "limo" and learn about the stories behind the photos in conversation with historians from the museum.

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